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Catherine Dolan-Haas

Within minutes of Catherine walking into an Innerversity event, everyone in the room will be smiling or laughing at a humorous comment of hers. But make no mistake about it, Catherine is very serious when it comes to awakening consciousness.

She is a behavioral scientist, a psychotherapist, and a teacher. She has studied the teachings of world religions, Bowen, Jung, Weber, the Dali Lama, and many other inspirations. Catherine has also led workshops for thousands of people from around the U.S. and the world. In addition, Catherine is a mother and a soccer mom. She’s been married eighteen years and has a full private psychotherapy practice.

As a founder of this company, Catherine is patterning the Innerversity curriculum after her own personal studies and the success she has achieved in her life. She has built Innerversity into a place where people learn and discover freely in an environment of love and compassion. After years of working with people of all ages and walks of life, she’s recognizes that most everyone is hungry for the answer to the questions “What do I want?”and “How do I get there?”

Her students know that it’s not about just taking a workshop with Catherine. She jokingly says she is her students’ travel agent as they embark on lifelong journeys of self exploration. “In a container of love, intuition, and validation, I hold my students’ visions, as I help them connect to their longing by going deeper into their hearts to find themselves, I believe that even the happiest of people realize that there would be more to life if they truly listened to their heart,” Catherine notes.

A key aspect to Catherine’s remarkable teaching approach is that she has the unique ability to lead while joining in with her students, learning right beside them. She has spent almost 25 years modeling behaviors that have supported her own personal growth and lead to her wonderful and amazing journey. She says that she has a rich and full life – which may not always be fun, but she feels blessed everyday she wakes up and gets to do what she loves to do.

“My goal is to awake into consciousness and I’m your funny, challenging, direct, and loving teacher. I’m all of those things because as I’m teaching, I am present with you in the moment. I’m in my bliss and my joy – and there are so many people who have already shared a life-changing experience with me. I would be honored if you join me too.”



karen palmer

Karen Palmer

Karen is passionate and devoted to the development and realization of everyone's full potential and magnificence.

As a life coach and teacher, Karen facilitates the development of individuals in many aspects of their lives. She focuses on helping people manifest the desires they long for, such as professional goals, relationships, spiritual practices, and more.

With over 20 years experience, Karen has also successfully led teams in various corporate environments and is an expert in the creation and development of shared services for companies, most recently in the hospitality industry. Karen continues to be invited to speak at industry conferences and, using her passion and extensive skills, she creates high-performing teams.

One of the many creative outlets for Karen is her jewelry design company, Artemystic. As an artist and designer, Karen creates one-of-a-kind pieces of jewelry that reflect power and grace.

In addition, Karen also loves to travel, paint, sing, attend the theater and ballet, visit museums, and enjoy time with her family and friends. She also can be found sitting in her beautiful backyard listening to the birds and playing an occasional game of Candy Crush.


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