innerversity-logo-400Through four core programs, INNERVERSITY offers an experiential learning journey directed toward the joy of living your one precious life fully.

Through many years of experience, the teachers at INNERVERSITY know that it takes time to change life-long habits. Each phase of the curriculum below builds on each other to help you create a lifetime of real and lasting change. Together we will journey through self-reflection, self-assessment, and self-acknowledgement while learning how to be compassionate and accountable. Each program also includes practice building, meditation, and rituals. You may only want to awaken through the Realize program, or you may want to take the full journey. The choice is yours and yours alone.



REALIZE is a three-day treasure hunt of self-exploration and reconnection. In a spacious container of safety and validation, Realize offers you an opportunity to find out what is possible for a purposeful and joyous life. It’s an internal journey of release, and a discovery of what pulls you away from your ability to make choices that serve your life’s longing.


This program is the place where your vision for your life joins together with your courage and desire in a healing journey. During this life-affirming event, you will realize what matters to you most and leave with a physical map of potential avenues for deeper exploration. It’s an opportunity to re-energize and re-member what fills you with inspiration and brings you joy!



RECLAIM is a four-day deep dive into self-exploration as you uncover and reclaim a greater understanding of your unique gifts and learn to celebrate them. Along the way, you will identify your triggers and your gifts, and experience the power of knowing that you are okay, just as you are. In short, you will create an internal container for your own strengths. This workshop is all about taking ownership of yourself, wholly and completely.


Step Three: MANIFEST

MANIFEST is a twelve-week course that creates a re-patterning of conscious choice. You begin with a real-time assessment of your current life trends in the areas of impact, connection, structure and openness. This inventory of relationships will move you ever forward to the creation of living your life in a way that supports balance and wholeness. From there you will move through the steps of building on what you have already awakened to in the journeys of Realize and Reclaim. You will learn and practice the skills you need to continue a life-long journey of fulfillment as you create the next Realize workshop.


Step Four: EXPAND

EXPAND is an eight-day residential retreat that is open to all Realize and Reclaim graduates. This program awakens you to “What else is available to me? What is possible?” This rejuvenating event encompasses a deepening experience that looks at our connection of our personal innerverse to the universe that holds us all. Expand will help you uncover deep internal connections to your innermost longing for wholeness. It is a time to look both into our Innerverse and our universe as we bond with a larger community seeking to deepen their own consciousness. Simply put, it is a deep dive into compassion and self-discovery in the emotional and spiritual realms. This deep retreat presents participants with an opportunity for restful reflection and meditation and to open the gates of our unconscious through movement and dream work. This is a chance to hear the call of our own hearts. Each Expand retreat will feature a guest teacher within the eight-day curriculum.


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