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Why Innerversity?

It takes time to change consciousness. Old habits are the kryptonite of consciousness and habitual response takes us out of the moment and into the past. It takes time, commitment, and a structure to change from the habit of often going through the motions to experiencing a full and juicy life. One in which you Realize what you want, Reclaim what is yours, Manifest the life you desire, and then turn it into waking reality.

To facilitate long-lasting change, the founders of Innerversity created a series of experiential life events for people who want to wake up every morning and feel deeply connected to life. A life that is connected not only through the mind, but also through the heart, body, and soul. The Innerversity programs are collective learning experiences, where we – participants and faculty, person-to-person, and in community – work together to explore and manifest life-long changes in how we see ourselves and life, and how we show up.


An experience of self-discovery, loving acceptance and tremendous growth

Innerversity offers you a safe learning environment where you can learn from your life experiences and help support others amidst loving acceptance.

207985510 - resizedAs a participant in an Innerversity event, you will be given the opportunity to discover how the choices you make – whether consciously or unconsciously – affect your everyday life. You’ll become more aware of how old habits that you created long ago keep you stuck, and learn to use that very same creative power to develop new ones. Innerversity gives birth to a lasting paradigm shift in the way you view and live your life. You will learn skills to manifest real and lasting change as you make the choice to live the life deep in your heart. Every moment that passes by can be another moment of doing the same old thing – or it can be an opportunity to make deep and lasting changes. Begin your Innerversity journey and:

  • Start to OWN your LIFE – your choices, goals, and emotions – and take action towards manifesting the things that really matter to you.

  • Build and sustain more loving relationships with yourself as well as with your family, friends, and community.

  • Reduce interpersonal stress at work and improve your team performance and results.

  • Connect to yourself and life in a way that is more meaningful to you.

  • Enter the mystery of the unconscious and life itself with tools and processes that help you access wisdom and nurture faith in what can’t be seen.

  • Recognize your purpose, longings, and dreams as you bring your newly recovered desire into your current life through a supportive community. Access internal and external resources that you were previously unaware of so you can take more conscious actions and make more meaningful choices.

  • Gain a greater clarity of your strengths, natural talents, and blind spots as you develop a clearer picture of where you ARE versus where you WANT to be. Become centered, grounded, and calmly responsive to any challenging situation.


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